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Brian Carlson - November 18, 2018

Genesis 6:1-9

Our enemy is strategic; but our God is almighty. We look at the reasons behind Noah's flood. Why did God send the flood? What was the purpose. We look at the three big theories answering the questions: 1) "Who are the sons of God?" 2) "Who are the daughters of men?" and "Who are the Nephilim?" What we'll discover is a strategic plan to wipe out the bloodline of the Messiah before He was even born.

Scripture References: Genesis 6:1-9, 1 Peter 3:18-20, Jude 1:6-7, Job 1:1-2

From Series: "Epic"

We begin our study through the book of Genesis by looking at the epic story of creation.

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Brian Carlson - July 7, 2019

Genesis 28:10-22

In the book of Genesis, we find two powerful pictures of heaven-earth connections. One is the tower of Babel, which is man's attempt to reach heaven. Ultimately, it failed. The second is Jacob's stairway which was God's bridge and was successful. This leads to an important question: "Are you building a tower? Or, pursuing the stairway?"

Scripture References: Genesis 28:10-22, John 1:44-51, Genesis 12:8, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Genesis 26:23-25


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