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Brian Carlson - July 15, 2018

5 Rules of Bible Teaching and Why we Break them All

When people think of Calvary Chapel they think of the Bible. We teach different. Instead of topics or man's ideas, we go verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter through the Bible. Watch this message to find out why.

Scripture References: 2 Timothy 2:15, Nehemiah 8:1-3, Acts 20:27

From Series: "Distinctives"

What makes Calvary Chapel different from other Bible believing evangelical churches? If Calvary Chapel is exactly like the church across the street, it would be better to simply merge the two. But if there are distinctives that make it different, then it has a unique and special place in the plan of God. We take a break from our normal verse-by-verse study to focus on what makes Calvary Chapel unique and why people love it.

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Brian Carlson - June 23, 2019

Genesis 27:30-45

Do you find yourself walking over people to get what you want? At work? At school? At home. As humans, we can be pretty selfish and self-serving, often at the expense of others. In Genesis 27:30-45 we discover how costly this can be as we learn walking over people to get what you want destroys people, and relationships.

Scripture References: Hebrews 12:16-17, Genesis 27:30-45


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Pastor Ron Smith was the Lead Pastor of Calvary Chapel McMinnville for 34 years before retiring in August of 2018. Here is a collection of over 200 messages he shared with CalvaryMac.