CalvaryMac Pastoral Transition

On March 12 2023 we announced the resignation of our Lead Pastor, Brian Carlson. We are currently in a time of transition as we seek God's will and work to identify our next Lead Pastor.

Pastor Brian Van Cleave has joined us as an Interim Associate Pastor during this time. Brian V will be teaching on Sunday mornings and also available for any pastoral care needs during the transition. Pastor Wess Root will be serving as our Interim Lead Pastor , but will continue to focus primarily on his Youth Ministry duties as Brian V handles many of the day-to-day pastoral duties. Brian V brings decades of ministry experience to the team as we walk through this transition process.

A Pastoral Selection Team has been selected and we are working with Terry McNabb from Poimen Ministries to identify candidates who could be our next Lead Pastor. Terry and the Selection Team will narrow the field down to two or three top candidates, and then bring those candidates each in for a weekend to teach on a Sunday morning and get to know our church and our community. Ultimately the Selection Team will choose a candidate to present to the congregation for a confirmation vote.  

You can contact the Pastoral Selection Team with any suggestions, comments, or questions about the process by email:

Pastoral Transition Blog

The blog posts below will have the latest updates on the transition process.