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I experienced some bullying over the weekend & I need prayer about it. On Saturday, I was in Goodwill thrift store & I was crouching down, low to the floor, while I was looking at artwork. The isles were very crowded w/ lots of items & only enough room for 1 person to get by @ a time. An abrupt woman was trying to push her shopping cart past & I asked her to wait for a moment. I needed enough time to get up & out of the way, as I was in such a vulnerable position. She wouldn’t wait, instead she mowed over me w/ her shopping cart. When I got up, I told her she was being rude and she warned me, "old woman, you have no idea what I am capable of!!" In shock, I got the store manager who was visibly upset but said he could do nothing to hold her accountable, so he called the police. The police told me they could do nothing to hold her accountable, it was my word against hers. One cop actually said that I was lucky she didn’t club me over the head & leave me for dead. I left the store feeling hurt, ashamed & broken. The incident left me feeling very hopeless toward humanity. Obviously that woman needs Jesus, please pray for her salvation & heart condition. Also, please pray for my healing as I’m feeling very victimized. My heart hurts for the hatred in this world. Most importantly, please pray for my marriage, as my husband stood & watched all of this happening to me, yet, did nothing to help me! I feel alone in this world/my marriage and really appreciate your prayers for some support. Thank you!

Received: October 29, 2018

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