What are Spiritual Gifts?

Are They Different than Talents?

Do I Have a Calling?

What’s my Purpose?

God is mobilizing the church. God has given every believer talent, passions, spiritual gifts, and a calling. Yet, few realize the potential wired within them. Learn how to be baptized in the Spirit. Learn the difference between spiritual gifts and talent. Learn the purpose of talent. Discover how God has wired you. Learn how to discover your calling.

Wired is an 11 session small group curriculum to help people to discover spiritual gifts, talents, passions and the unique calling God has for each person. But more than just another spiritual gift test, Wired helps each person discover how to walk in the Spirit and be baptized in the Spirit for ministry.  

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Access the Wired Assessment which includes:

Talent Inventory

Your natural aptitudes are a wonder created by God. He wired you with them before you were born.

Passions Inventory

Passions are all about what grabs your heart. They energize you and motivate you to get involved and right a wrong.

Spiritual Gift Inventory

Without spiritual gifts all the talent and passion in the world will be nothing more than a work of your flesh.

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People are Wired by God to fulfill amazing callings. Discover yours today.
How you're wired.
How you're called.
How to plug in.