Baptism at CalvaryMac.

Three easy steps to get baptized.

Complete Planted Online.

Online Baptism/New Believer Class

Go to Planted Course Site to take Planted. The course answers 5 key questions about growing in your faith. Planted makes sure you understand what baptism is all about, and how to grow the seed God has planted in your heart. The entire course is completed online at your pace and takes about an hour.

Schedule Meeting.

Fill Out Online Baptism Scheduling Form.

After completing Planted, use the Online Baptism Form to schedule a pre-baptism meeting with the CalvaryMac pastor or staff member you would like to perform your baptism. The form also to request your preferred Sundays to get baptized on and share your story of how you came to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord.

Invite Friends & Family

Invite people you care about to see your baptism. 

Baptism is the opportunity to publicly declare you are a follower of Jesus. We believe its important to invite the people you care most about to see you get baptized. Once the date of your baptism is scheduled we encourage everyone to invite people they care about to see them get "dunked." 

Questions about Baptism?

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