6th - 10th Grades // Wednesdays @7P (doors 6:30P)

Focus = learning to live different in our relationship with Jesus.
CalvaryMac Youth (CMY) is a weekly gathering on Wednesday nights. We’re dedicated to creating environments for youth in 6th-10th grade to connect with God, with other students, and with committed leaders who are dedicated to seeing students grow closer to Christ.

11th - 12th Grades // Sundays @6P at the Roots' house

Focus = getting ready to follow God after graduation.
Calvarymac Upperclass (CMUC) is a weekly gathering on Sunday nights. We're dedicated to helping students create a plan for intentionally keeping connected with God after graduation from High school.

Two Ministry Branches. One Strategy. 

Our mission is to help the next generation live different. Since that's our mission, our approach to youth ministry different. Where most youth ministries are divided between Middle School & High School. We take a completely different approach. Why? Because studies show 70% of students who attend church during high school leave the church upon graduation. But we've found they don't wait until they graduate. Students begin checking out of church once they become juniors and seniors because they get jobs, transportation and get ready for college. We're not into status quo. So, our ministry is designed to build a life-long passion for Jesus.

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