October 15-16

SUCCESS THAT MATTERS provides men with a clear biblical direction for their life.

Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically, many men feel tired. Off balance. Under pressure. Isolated. The problem for many men isn’t that they aren’t achieving their goals. The problem is that they’re often the wrong goals. Most men have a lingering feeling that something just isn’t right—that there must be more to life than this. Success that Matters reveals where "more" is.

On October 15-16, men will gather at CalvaryMac around God's Word to discover success that truly matters. Save your spot by registering today. 

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13

Our mission is to equip men through biblical studies, pastoral care, and mentoring opportunities through weekly connections. As CalvaryMac Men, our goal is to live out our faith in our homes, workplace, church, and community. To “live different,” to live according to what God calls men to be, not what our culture says.

Don’t fight the battle with pornography alone!

You are not alone. Find a 423 Group to fight alongside.

423 Communities is committed to finding a way out of the shame caused by sexual sin. You are not alone. We meet weekly for mutual support, accountability, and to honestly confess our utter dependence on Jesus Christ. You can share your story in a safe, confidential, and anonymous environment with other men or women who have achieved victory they never dreamed possible.

Click below to join a 423 Group here at CalvaryMac, or find a group near you.

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