The Church + Home = Greater Impact
Light (yellow) + Love (red) = Orange

No one has more potential to impact a kid than a parent.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Something special happens when the church and home come together. We call it "Orange" which is what happens when the church (yellow) and the home (red) work together to create a whole new, more vibrant color. At Calvary Chapel of McMinnville, we partner together with parents in their calling to raise their kids. 
Birth through 2-years-old
Early Childhood
3-years-old through Kindergarten
1st Grade through 5th Grade

All kid's ministries meet in our brand new Kids Wing called "McKidville!" 

Featuring the Foam Factory, the Brick Room, the Glow Room, the Art Studio and the Barnyard (our nursery). 

Kids Ministry Health & Safety Precautions

Grown ups, please walk your child(ren) to the Kids’ Wing and check them in BEFORE the service starts.
Per Oregon requirements, children 5 and older must wear masks indoors.
Potty trained Preschoolers through 1st Grade meet in the Art Room.
2nd – 5th Grade will meet in the Brick Room.
When the service ends, your child(ren) may be picked up at the check-in desk.
*When dropping off and picking up your child(ren), please have only ONE grown up enter the Kids’ Wing.  Our goal is to keep hallways clear so we can maintain social distancing requirements.
*If anyone is your household is showing signs of Covid or has been exposed to anyone with Covid, please stay home and watch online.
*Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation!

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