CalvaryMac // February 25-March 2, 2024

Week of Prayer and Fasting Schedule 

Are you in? Join us as we come together and fast corporately. 

Morning Meetings
Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6 am - 7 am
Where: In the Living Prayer Room (enter lower parking lot, downstairs past the coffee bar).
Come spend time in acoustic worship, and pray in a group setting. Children and families are welcome.
Noon Meetings
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 pm - 1 pm
Where: Living Prayer Room.
Come spend time praying in a group setting, There will also be space for personal reflection, and prayer with an elder or staff if needed.
Evening Meetings
Sunday - Saturday at 7 pm - 8 pm
Where: Sanctuary
Come join us in the Sanctuary. We will start with worship, and then break off into prayer circles. Prayer circles will each have a leader, and allow space to pray over individual needs. Children and families are welcome. 
Personal Prayer & Quiet Time
Saturday at 8 am - 6 pm
Where: Living Prayer Room
The Living Prayer Room will be open all day Saturday March 2 for personal prayer and quiet time.

Fasting Tips and Resources

How to prepare for our week of prayer and fasting:

  • Prepare ahead - spend time in prayer about what you should fast from and pray over.  Many people set aside this week to seek direction and wisdom for decisions they need to make, but you could also spend time praying for others.  Some people fast from food while others will fast from social media.  What you fast from and pray for is up to you!
  • Get prayed for - it is our privilege to be able to pray for each other and intercede for the things we each carry and are seeking the Lord about.
  • Set aside time for just you and the Lord - this week is an incredible time for corporate prayer, but don't miss out on the things God would reveal to you by spending time alone with Him.
  • Check out our schedule and resources - we want you to have a successful week with the Lord so we have the schedule listed above and Campus Crusade for Christ founder's Bill Bright's Personal Guide to Fasting.
  • Talk to our staff - if you have questions or would like more information about how to engage with the week of prayer and fasting, call us at 503-472-4245 or email us.

Would you like to see real change in your life?
Join us for a week of prayer and fasting.

It doesn't take long as we study the Bible to discover that fasting was a regular rhythm of God's people throughout the Bible. We will follow the example of Jesus Followers in Scripture in a special week of corporate fasting and prayer.   


As we seek the Lord in prayer and fasting together we will seek spiritual breakthrough for those feeling stuck in their relationship with God.


In prayer and fasting together we will seek the Lord's direction for us as a church, and for the individuals that make up Calvary Chapel of McMinnville. 


As we seek the Lord in prayer and fasting together we will discover areas of our life as a church and as individuals that we need to surrender to Jesus. 

To Seek and Hear God

Ultimately fasting and prayer isn't about us or our agenda. Instead, its humbly coming to our Creator in obedience and seeking His presence.