When everyone is sitting in rows...
you can't do any of the one-anothers."

Andy Stanley

The New Testament contains fifty-nine "one-another's." Fifty-nine ways in which we are to treat and care for "one-another." Examples like; love one-another, pray for one-another, encourage one-another. Sunday morning in a church service it is difficult to experience, the one-anothers beyond the surface. As Andy Stanley said, "When everyone is sitting in rows...you can't do any of the one-anothers." 

That's where House-churches come in. CalvaryMac House Churches meet around McMinnville and Yamhill County. They meet at various times and in various homes so that you can connect on a deeper level with other people seeking to follow Christ and make it through life. To truly experience the fifty-nine one another's.

3 Steps to Find a House Church

Select Your House Church

Choose from a variety of options including location, demographics, and schedule to find the House Church that’s right for you.

Request the Invitation

Submit your information and a House Church leader will contact you shortly with more details including directions to the House Church.

Attend the House Church

Go to the House Church and get ready to connect with a small group of people who are looking to to grow closer to the Lord.