Because we are FOR the Lord...

We are FOR McMinnville. We are FOR Amity. We are FOR Carlton. We are FOR Dayton. We are FOR Dundee. We are FOR Lafayette. We are FOR Newberg. We are FOR Sheridan. We are FOR Willamina. We are FOR Yamhill. We are FOR Oregon. We are FOR our Country. We are FOR this world.  

This page are various ways you can get involved in serving people in this community.  

We are FOR Safe Families for Children

Safe Families for Children is a faith-based movement motivated by compassion, generosity, and hospitality to keep children safe and families supported facing a crisis. Safe Families For Children serves families who lack social networks and live in isolation without support of family and friends dealing with crises such as homelessness, unemployment, child abuse, domestic violence, medical emergencies and alcohol/drug rehabilitation.

You can help keep Kids out of the Foster Care system.

Safe Families for Children is a Strategic Ministry Partner for CalvaryMac as we are committed to finding  ways to mobilize volunteers from CalvaryMac to practically impact the lives of people in our community.