Our Culture

Vision is “I have a dream,” and culture is “this is how we march.”-- John Maxell

Our  Vision: Live different.

Our vision statement is Live Different. That we "live different" because of Jesus transforming our lives and as result help others to "live different" because of Jesus. But what does that look like on a daily basis? That's where our culture comes in.

Our Culture: FOR.

For far too long, the church has been known for what it is against. Our culture is making it crystal clear what we are FOR. Because we are FOR God, we are FOR Yamhill County. Cultural distinctives are what we are FOR on a daily basis to build a culture of being FOR God & FOR Yamhill County so that we can achieve the vision of Live Different. Below are 10 cultural distinct of what we are FOR as a community. 

We are FOR Jesus; not ourselves

It’s about taking people to Jesus; not building a crowd around ourselves.

We are FOR teaching God’s Word; not from God’s Word.

It's about what God wants to say, not what we want to teach.  

We are FOR Grace; not legalism

It's about giving grace to each other because we've all been giving grace by God. 

We are FOR the home; not outsourcing

It’s about equipping parents to pass on a heart for God.

We are FOR balanced theology; not endless debates

It’s about united around essentials, not dividing over theology.

We are FOR dynamite; not fireworks

It’s about the Holy Spirit empowering the life of a believer, not self-powered life.

We FOR being led by the Lord; not by committee

It's about God leading the pastor and the board holding accountability.

We are FOR prayer; not self-reliance. 

It’s about a culture of prayer as our first response, not a culture of human reliance.

We are FOR Yamhill County, not serving ourselves.

It’s about a culture of selfless serving and meeting practical needs in the community, not existing a church bubble.

We are FOR community in house churches, not just church in rows.

It’s about a the 59 “one-anothers,” not just showing up for a service.