Pastoral Transition Update

Pastor Selection Team

At this morning's service we will be introducing and commissioning those that will be serving on our Pastoral Selection Team as we seek God's will for our next shepherd. The team met for the first time this week and kicked off the candidate search. Terry McNabb will now begin the process of reaching out to candidates he is already aware of, as well as pastors and other leaders that might know of possible candidates.
Terry will be vetting these candidates and doing preliminary interviews, and will present the top few candidates to the team. The team will then interview these top candidates and decide which ones to bring to CalvaryMac to meet our congregation and teach on a Sunday morning. As we bring candidates in we will be looking to all of you for feedback on each candidate.

Out of this process, we pray that a direction for our next pastor will be clear, and we will present a candidate to the congregation for a confirmation vote.

Those are the mechanics of the process, but more importantly we are trusting that the Lord will lead us to the next shepherd that he has for our body. We know that God has a future for CalvaryMac, and we submit ourselves to Him to bring it to pass.

In selecting individuals to serve on the selection team, our main criteria was to invite  people with godly wisdom who know and love CalvaryMac and who know and love the Lord. Of course, that left us with dozens and dozens of possible members, but as we sought the Lord we arrived at the following team for helping select the next shepherd for CalvaryMac.

Pastoral Selection Team
  • Julie Bellows
  • Dan Canfield
  • Bobby Crowston
  • Khalen Dunn
  • Laura Johnson
  • Gordon McCann
  • Terry McNabb
  • Daniel McNicholas
  • Bruce Owen
  • Wess Root
  • Pat Tippens
  • Doug Shugart
  • Brian Van Cleave

We ask you to keep this team and the whole process in your prayers, as well as praying for our next pastor and his family, that the Lord would be preparing them for us!

Input for the team can be sent to