Pastor Selection Process Update

Candidates Teaching Schedule

Four weeks ago, right before the Bike Trip, we shared that the team was evaluating three candidates that had been through a first round of interviews. After much prayer and consideration, the team has decided to invite two of those candidates to the next step of the selection process. Personally, I am so excited about both of these candidates that I wish we could choose them both. Both of these men have a wealth of ministry and leadership experience, and appear to be ready for a Lead Pastor role. Each of them have visited CalvaryMac with their families for a Sunday service and worshipped with us, and each shared afterward that they loved their time with us.

The next step in the interview process is to have each of these men visit CalvaryMac for an interview weekend that will include being our teacher on a Sunday morning, spending time getting to know the staff, and doing an extended interview with the selection team. One candidate will be teaching on September 3, and the other on September 17.  September 10 will be our final outdoor service of the year, and our two candidates will be here the weekends before and after that, one on the 3rd and one on the 17th. On the Sunday before each candidate comes, we'll share their name and background information with you.

Remember that ultimately the selection team's task is to select one candidate that we believe is the Lord's choice for CalvaryMac, and present that one candidate to the congregation for a confirmation vote.  The upcoming candidate visits are the next step of the team's decision process. These are two candidates that the team feels may be a good fit for CalvaryMac, and that appear to be ready for the Lead Pastor role. But we still need to learn more about them, and they need to learn more about us. Bringing them here to teach and interview is just the next step in the process. Of course we'll be interested to hear what everyone thinks about these men when they come to teach, but to be clear, there will not be a vote of the congregation between two candidates. We also need to remember that teaching is just one of the roles that the new pastor will fill. He also needs to be a leader, a vision-setter, a mentor, a manager, a counselor, a comforter, and an administrator, among many other roles. What you see up front on Sunday is an important part of the picture, but it's not the whole picture. Apart from all of these qualifications, and above all else, our new pastor needs to be the one called by the Lord to this task.

As we walk through this process, our prayer is that the Lord will make His call certain to all of us, and that the choice will be abundantly obvious. None of us want to drag out this process, but we must patiently await God's timing and settle for nothing less than his perfect will. I assure you that everyone on the selection team is taking this duty very seriously and seeking God's will above all else in this process.

So be here! September 3, September 10, September 17...just be here all the Sundays! And keep praying for the selection team, the candidates, and the whole process. Let's continue to seek the Lord together and trust that he will lead us to where he wants us to be!